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The ‘extra virgin’ in olive oil explained

The term ‘extra virgin’ immediately makes one think of premium quality. It is quite an elaborate term in keeping with romance languages and certainly conjures up almost ecclesiastical images of unadulterated purity. However, things aren’t always as they seem especially in the manufacture and export of this, essentially Italian product. Incredible as it may seem to some, some manufacturers have fraudulently been marketing and selling bottles of cheap low quality and in some cases not fit for human consumption under the guise of ‘extra virgin olive oil’. Much of the oil is actually bottled and labelled in North Africa, namely, Libya and Tunisia. By adding liberal amounts of chlorophyll to make the oil look like the real thing these fraudsters are deliberately duping the public into parting with their money. This practice is creating quite a scandal in the European community.

This type of ‘oil’ fraud has reached quite alarming proportions. It was reported to the New Yorker last year, by an oil-law enforcer that the profits claimed from this illegal practice where comparable to those made by drug trafficking, but without the same dangers.

The reason why this illegal practice continues is a result of the ever increasing popularity of olive oil if statistics are to be believed. Some £71 million pounds were accrued from the sales of olive oil in 2006 in Britain alone. It is therefore, not surprising that there are those who will take advantage of this fact and perpetuate the sale of fake olive oil as long as the demand continues.

Why is it so popular? Well the reasons may be many. Possibly for the taste which can vary from region to region. Perhaps, it is because as part of a Mediterranean diet it is known to have properties that are beneficial to our health. However, for many it adds a certain air of elegance to our lifestyle and that may be enough reason to justify its purchase.[tag] extra virgin olive oil[/tag] 

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