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Oil Drizzlers for Olive Oil and Vinegar

Drizzlers: More Than Just a Storage Solution

Nowadays, healthy eating is a main concern of most people. Everyone is looking for new and healthier diets and better ways of preparing food. New cuisines, dishes, and ingredients that present as better alternatives to the usual food are now widely popular. One of these cuisines has been Mediterranean cuisine, which is highly known for its diet of drinking bottled water, enjoying wine, and, of course, using olive oil to dress salads.

Olive oil is such a popular ingredient now that it is rarely absent in any kitchen. It is a vital ingredient in almost ay recipe, whether it be in salads or used in frying. This is one reason why decanters and containers have suddenly become an item that kitchen enthusiasts find necessary to purchase. And with the demands of diners now, they are not only looking for an attractive way of storing their vinegar, they are looking for containers that are functional and serve the purpose of dispensing your oil well. These cruets are definitely not out of style, as they are the perfect way to display your first press gourmet olive oil and acetic balsamico.

Being a vital part of any table has made it important to have something that the oil may be stored and easily served. Drizzlers are a great way to keep olive oil and they are generally designed so that the oil may be dispensed in controlled proportions. They’re a great way to keep your supply of oil and vinegar at the table for the times when you want to enjoy them: with your salad, toss it with your pasta, over grilled vegetables, and even with bread.

These custom made drizzlers are hand blown and are elegant enough to be displayed on dining tables. They are also a great place for infusing your oils with different ingredients. These drizzlers boast of their construction: they are hand blown and present European style and design. More importantly, these cruets are designed so that no drips may occur as you are pouring or drizzling your oil.

These olive oil drizzlers are special in a sense that they are not mass produced. European craftsmen hand blow these items and are made from authentic borosilicate. Each cruet comes in two pieces: one glass pour spout and its corresponding vessel body. These elegant items make as a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or during Christmas.
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