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How can olive oil help us improve our health?

Is there anything that we can do to obtain good health? Following the principles involved in the Mediterranean diet is certainly a big step that we can take for this matter. In order to decrease the margarine and butter consumption, you will need to use olive oil as the main source of fat. Prepackaged, processed foods and most of the ‘low fat’ varieties are other important sources of trans fatty acids. This harmful compound can also be found in cookies, chips, granola bars, candy bars, and cereals and so on.

Producers are trying to hide this ingredient through the ingredient lists of prepackaged foods, so it is really hard for us to spot it. If you discover the words: hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil on the label of a particular product, you need to know that these are trans fatty acids. Each producer will soon be obligated to list the amount of trans fatty acids on the Nutrition Facts label, according to the Drug Administration. Minimizing these products as much as possible and following a Mediterranean diet are the best steps that you can take at this moment to improve your health. You will have to read the label of the product in order to discover if it contains trans fatty acids or not.

The Mediterranean diet is based mostly on olive oil since the whole Mediterranean region includes countries that specialize in producing olive. The Mediterranean Sea is loaded with Olive trees. The olive oil is obtained by squeezing the mashed olives paste between mats. The purest, most nutrient-rich and most flavorful oil is obtained in the first pressing of the olives, called extra-virgin olive oil. This type of olive oil is practically the least processed olive oil. Due to the fact that its strong flavor diminishes or disappears when heated, we can say that the olive oil is more versatile than some other strongly flavored oils.

You can use the olive oil in your baking with great results. The more processed and refined grades of olive oil would be the lesser ones. Due to the fact that they contain less flavor and other important ingredients, the lesser grades of olive oil are much cheaper. Since it includes high amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids, Canola oil is considered a great substitute for olive oil, even though it is not included in the traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Besides the monounsaturated fatty acids, the Canola oil also contains important amounts of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, olive oil contains other great nonnutritive substances that are not found in Canola oil, namely phytochemicals. However, canola oil is one position below olive oil when it comes to heart-healthy food choice.

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