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Glass Oil Drizzlers

Drizzle CruetsThere are many different types of oil drizzlers, made from different materials. For storage and dispensing of vinegar and olive oil, one must know which materials make the best oil drizzlers in order to avoid potential problems.

Vinegar is a form of acid and is corrosive. Different vinegars have different acid concentrations and their corrosiveness varies accordingly. Metal containers are therefore a bad choice for storing vinegar as it will slowly dissolve the metal. The only exception is stainless steel. Stainless steel, ceramic and glass make the best storage and dispensing containers for vinegar. Containers should also be capped with corks or stoppers that are corrosion resistant. Many inexpensive spouts and stoppers from China are mostly made of metal and are not recommended.

Glass is an excellent material for containers to hold oil and vinegar because it is not easily corroded and is also easy to clean. Our oil drizzlers are made with the highest quality Borosilicate Simax glass, which is a very hard type of glass not too different from the commonly used Pyrex? The glass is hand blown, so each container is different, but retains a high level of quality and aesthetic appeal. Vinegar does not cause our glass oil drizzlers to corrode, and they are easily cleaned using hot water and some dishwashing liquid.

The drizzle cruets pictured here are made of glass and consists of two parts – a body and a pour spout. A good oil drizzler is made of glass, and our cruets are constructed using only glass. They are non-drip, with friction-fitted glass pour spouts that prevent those little accidents that are all too common with other containers. The neck of the main body is flared, forming a funnel that makes pouring vinegar or oil into the cruet easy and convenient. A vent forms part of the spout, allowing pressure inside and outside the container to equalize during pouring, creating a smooth flow of liquid when dispensing from the cruet.

Cruets.com oil drizzlers are perfect for use in cooking or serving. Holding up to six ounces of fluid, our oil drizzlers allow oil or vinegar to be lightly drizzled over any desired dish and are also dishwasher safe.

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    Is it possible for an oil and vinegar cruet to provide A Drizzle of Olive Oil without the drip? Yes. The dripless drizzle cruets for olive oil and vinegar are ideal for this.

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    Oil drizzlers come in many different forms and manufactured material. It is important to know what type of material is best for decanting olive oil and vinegar.

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