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Olive Oil Benefits Your Diet

The benefits of olive oil have been outlined by researchers and chefs alike. Anyone who is prone to cardiovascular disease, should always have olive oil in their kitchen.  Olive oil gets it’s healthy reputation because of the high amount of monounsaturated fat. Along with the nutritional health benefits, don’t overlook the benefit of the gourmet taste of olive oil in your cooking as well.

There are two main types to consider keeping on hand. The first is extra virgin olive oil, which is a great salad topping, because it doesn’t have to be cooked. When extra virgin olive oil is cooked, it tends to alter the flavor a bit. It may cost a bit more but the taste is worth the price. Another kind of olive oil is light or pure olive oil. It doesn’t have fewer calories, it has a lighter flavor and color. It is best for cooking with or sautéing.

For olive oil taste, try dipping a crusty loaf of bread, you can easily create a dipping sauce by adding different cheeses and herbs, or just by using olive oil by itself. If you would like to dress up the oil a bit, try making a homemade vinaigrette.

Tips for making a homemade vinaigrette.

It can be useful to know how to make a homemade vinaigrette, that will taste a lot more fresh than the store bought vinaigrette. It can also be more practical. To make vinaigrette you will want to use three parts olive oil to one part vinegar. If a substitution is used in the vinaigrette such as a less acidic lemon juice, then less oil will need to be used to accommodate the substitution. If you use top quality ingredients when making your homemade vinaigrette you will achieve the best results.

When making the vinaigrette you will want to add the oil, while using a whisk to stir it. It may also be helpful to use a bowl with a rubber bottom in order to prevent tipping. A towel wrapped around the bottom of the bowl will get the same results. Next you will want to use bit of salt and add to the vinegar, because the salt will dissolve easier in the vinegar. You can always add more seasoning at the end if the vinaigrette needs it.

The oil and vinegar will blend together better when a small amount of Dijon mustard is added. Using the whisk combine the mustard with the other ingredients and then steadily pour the oil until all the mixture is completely combined. More salt and pepper seasonings can be added to the vinaigrette when it is finished.

You can try altering this simple vinaigrette by using different types of vinegar and olive oil. To add to the dressing you may want to try garlic, herbs, and spices. You can spice up a meal by drizzling over cooked vegetables, meat, fish, pasta salad, or simply tossed with a salad.


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